How can I connect a Nintendo 64 to my TV?

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I have a Sony Bravia KDL-32BX330 and I can't get my N64 to work. With the Nintendo NES (which is way older) I have no problems, so I don't know what to do. Please help me!

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brenden casey
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We need some additional information like cable connections made between N64 and TV, so that exact resolution can be provided. Does your statement “I can't get my N64 to work” mean picture from N64 is not appearing or there are some sound issues?

Try connecting the N64 to the same jack on the TV where NES was connected using the same cable. If the issue still persists, then there is no issue with the TV.

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Phillip Hamilton
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The cable I used for the NES is the classical A/V cable. I connected the red and white in their respective jacks, and the yellow in the green jack.


However, the cable in the N64 is slightly different, but it still has the red/yellow/white cables to connect them to the TV. I connected everything the same way, and the only thing I get on the screen is "No Signal".


I tested the N64 in another television and it works, so I know for sure that's not the problem. I have read of other people having a similar problem, so I don't know if it has to do with the resolution or another setting I have to change on my TV to be able to play with this game.

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The TV you are using shares or combines the Composite (Red, White and Yellow) and Component (Red, Blue, Green) connection under one input. So when connecting an older non-HD device like the N64, you have to connect the yellow cable from the N64 to the input on the TV labeled Y under Video In.

Then for sound, connect the white and red cables from the N64 to the Audio Inputs on the TV labeled R and L. When doing this you will have the two inputs/connections on the TV labeled Pr and PB empty or with nothing connected.

After making all the connections, press the Input button on the TV remote and select Video.

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Like I mentioned, I've been doing exactly what you describe, but still no signal. That's why I'm asking if there is a setting on my TV for this.

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Daramis McGee
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The composite video input on the TV only displays at 480i, so as long as the connection is correct and the N64 is sending at least a 480i signal, you should get a picture.

I would first make sure that the component input on the TV is working by connecting a composite video cable (not component) from another device (cable box/satellite receiver usually have a composite connection) and see if you can see the picture. If you experience the same issue with a different device, then the TV probably need to be repaired.

Once you have verified that the composite video input on the TV is working, you will have to make sure that the N64 is sending a 480i or higher signal to the TV. Do this by trying a different game and also replacing the cable. If both of those recommendation are unseuccessful, I recommend contacting Nintendo for additional support.

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Latino HeaT
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Post » Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:53 am

do you believe it would it work if I purchased new AVV cables for The N64? or is the sony bravia noT compatible wiTh N64?

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